5 Questions with Coreysan (video)

Corey Wallace a.k.a Coreysan is one of the Grand Dons of the local electro music scene, however his music really defies any one category.

From his official bio:

Corey Atheleny Wallace a.k.a Coreysan has been involved in music since 1987. This self-taught musician’s musical explorations are as diverse as Trinidad and Tobago, his homeland.

As a Trinidadian musician/artiste, observing his global/universal nature, Coreysan continues to expand upon the scope of multicultural influences available in the Caribbean with the musical culture of both the modern and old worlds, through the fusion of live and electronic elements that find a common ground in his music.

In 2001 he made his introduction into the Trinidadian Underground circuit as a pioneer of live electronic fusion with his band “Atheleny” being the first band in Trinidad and Tobago to appear on stage with a computer as an instrument. In late 2003 the members of Atheleny amicably parted ways to pursue growth in different paths which gave birth to Coreysan as a solo project.

The Coreysan project was a natural transition from Atheleny with an extra sultry, mystical, eastern flavour. He calls this music, “Electronic Caribbean World Fusion”.

Coreysan has produced, arranged, recorded and mastered two CD albums: Coreysan (2004) and Light and Shadow (2006) at Khongharhee studios, his bedroom studio in Tacarigua, Trinidad. The albums feature his original compositions and collaborations with Trinidadian poets and a special collaboration with international recording artiste, Remo Fernandes (Goa, India) who graciously played the Indian bamboo flute on the instrumental Track “Varem” (Coreysan 2004).

Coreysan performed as a solo artiste for the first time away from his homeland in February 2008, at the 12th Millennium Music Conference (MMC 12) held in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania where he left a lasting impact with his Electronic Caribbean World Fusion.
This was when he received a Theremin as a gift from J. Fred Brillhart of Fredrico Percussion and has been practicing and performing with it since then.

In August 2008, he also had the opportunity to open for the Trinidadian Rapso/World Fusion band “3 Canal” at their concert held at The Cobden, London, England while they were on their European Summer Tour 2008 of France, Belgium and England.

Then, in March 2009, Coreysan had the honour of being selected to perform at South by South West 2009 held in Austin, Texas that presented yet another opportunity for him to showcase his work on an international stage.

Over the past 25 years Coreysan has also performed in the studio and on stage with many Trinbagonian groups/artistes as a session bassist/vocalist/producer. In early 2000 he played bass and represented Trinidad and Tobago with 3 Canal and The Cut + Clear Crew (Rapso Giants of Trinidad and Tobago) and Mungal Patasar and Pantar (Indo/Caribbean /Jazz Fusion Pioneers) at the prestigious Montreux Jazz Festival 2000 (Switzerland).

This lead to other tours including:
New York City (Caribbean Roots, Linclon Center 2000)
Spain (Womex 2007)
England (2008)
Belgium (2008)
and numerous shows in France (2000, 2001, 2008, 2009).

Since 2008, Corey has been touring extensively as a bassist/backing vocalist with Calypso Rose (The Calypso Queen of Trinidad and Tobago) and has had the honour of performing at various festivals around the world including:

Austria (NO Festival 2009)
Spain (Gijon International Folklore Festival 2009)
Ireland (Festival of World Cultures 2010)
England (Womad & The Barbican 2010)
Australia (Womad 2011)
New Zealand (Womad 2011)
Morocco (Timitar 2011)
Switzerland (Paleo 2011)
Germany (Afrika Festival 2011)
and at a multitude of festivals in France (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011).

Over the past 4 years, Coreysan has also been collaborating and recording with Bristol based trip hop fusion singer/songwriter/producer and winner of two Exposure Music 2010 Awards for Best Male Artist and Best Urban Song, Alonestar (Jethro Sheeran), and has been featured as a bassist and vocalist/lyricist on a number of his musical productions. Coreysan has recently been collaborating with Interface (Drum and Bass) and Akasha FX (Electronic/Downtempo/Tech House) who both also come from Bristol. Two recent collaborations with Akasha FX, “Return to One” and “Slave of Time” are due for international release in March 2013.

In November 2012 Coreysan released his first 2 singles from his 3rd album “In Transit”. The singles are “In Transit” (title track) and “Vortices” He is currently working on completing the album to be released in 2013 and aims to use the creative and influential city of Bristol as a musical home base as his first step towards reaching an international audience.

Pretty impressive huh? Still none of it has gone to his head. Corey is a font of humility, spirituality and positive vibrations. It was not too surprising then when he let me know that he was a vegan, upon accepting my invitation to play on “Sweet Han'”. A fact that served as a central talking point for our 5 questions 🙂

TG: How long have you been vegan?
Corey: I have been vegan for over 20 years

TG: What prompted your decision?
Corey: As a child my mum said that I used to spit out meat most times. Then in my teens I would tend to skip meat on certain Sundays. Then in my early 20’s, I worked part time in a meat shop for a couple months. This definitely was the catalyst. I did some research and that was it. Never went back.

TG: How has being vegan shaped your experience dining out locally or eating by friends?
Corey: Eating out locally is a challenge. Most restaurants here don’t even have a vegan menu so I am limited to Indian food when I do eat out. Or Arabian food (falafels, hummus and such). Most of my friends are aware of my eating preference so I never have a problem when it comes to eating at their homes. One in particular, always conjures up the most amazing vegan meals and treats. Her name is Shirley Vilain Hargreaves and her hand real sweet too 😉

TG: Did you cook growing up?
Corey: Yes I did. Especially when I made the switch to a vegan diet.

TG: If you won the lottery and could give $1 million USD to a cause of your choice which would it be, and why?
Corey: Well with a million dollars US I will have to think locally, as in Trinidad and Tobago. I would personally use it towards funding some kind of Talent Exploration and Enhancement Centres which would focus on tapping into, refining and displaying the multi-talented works of Trinidad and Tobago to the world. There are so many talented people in Trinidad and Tobago who never get a chance to really refine their skills.

This talent is Trinidad and Tobago’s most precious resource, not oil and natural gas, and it is left totally unexplored and rejected. Oil and Gas will run out but the talented people will not. Given a chance to truly express, explore and refine themselves through their chosen fields, I am sure we will see a drop in many hate, ignorance and fear related offenses in our society because that pent up energy will be released elsewhere positively and creatively. Arts, Sports, Dance, Music and Science are the keys to helping a society to evolve into a refined people, proud of the spirit of the land and proud of their growing cultural contribution to the world.

Explore the world of Coreysan further:


Listen to Coreysan on Episode 8 of Sweet Han’: Caribbean Cooking with Sarina below!

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