5 Questions with Kattronique! (video)

I’ve been a fan of electronic soul artist Kattronique for many years now, so it was with great pleasure (and surprise!) that I received a message from her expressing interest in appearing on Sweet Han’, sent the same time that I had also sent an invitation to do exactly that via social media! (cue Twilight Zone theme)… Several weeks later and I’m happy to announce that she will be tonight’s musical guest 🙂


This unyielding musical rebel will surprise you with her ever-changing, experimental sound, encompassing multiple flavors within the spectrum of electronic music. Her ‘soul’ mission today is to infect your willing ears with musical happiness.

Real name Sherezz ‘Rezzie’ Grant, she began composing electronic music at the age of 17. “I used to write poems and stories when I was younger, and I realized that that original passion, coupled with my appreciation for classical music, dictated the original direction of my music. I wanted to take my listeners through a journey and give them a truly unique and fluid listening experience,” she says. Through her own journey, she dabbled with trip-hop/hip hop, jazz music and 80′s music. She additionally sought inspiration from astronomy and science fiction.

Most recently, Kattronique has been taking on new challenges and expanding her talents as not just an artist/producer, but also as a remixer. She took part in a remix competition on IndabaMusic.com from Ivy, a NY-based indie band. The song she remixed was their recent single ‘Lost in the Sun’. Not only was her remix  voted the 5th most popular out of 307 entries, but she also got an honourable mention from the band and thus recognition for her efforts. Not long after that, she added to her accomplishments the fortune of composing the score for an Animae Caribe 2012 award-winning animation from an up-and-coming animator, Shane Paul Young Sing, for his work entitled ‘Boxer Briefs’.

While she has been working on her new album, Kattronique has continued to experiment and innovate with her music, but hopes to exude more of the emotional and romantic side to her. She says, “There’s something about emotional music that makes it linger on inside you, that, once it touches you, you won’t ever forget it. That’s really what I want to do: to make unforgettable music.”

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TG: Who are some of your favourite musical acts?
K: Some of my favourite musical acts have been Bjork, Radiohead, Sigur Ros, Radio Dept and most recently, Sepalcure. Out of all of them, I find Bjork and Radiohead to have had the most influence on my style of music. If you’ve never heard of them, well they’re both electronic acts, and they’ve produced some very expressive, often avant-garde music. Since I began making music in 2007/8, their music has been constant inspiration to me to keep experimenting, keep articulating the emotions from my soul, and keep creating adventurous soundscapes. One song I’d recommend from Bjork is ‘Unravel’, while one from Radiohead is ‘In Limbo’.

TG: When at home, what do you like to eat?
K: I really like my belly so I eat just about anything! I’m leaning more towards saying I like eating a plate of callaloo, coo coo and fried fish (with some ketchup and chunky pepper sauce on the side of course!) or eating something I prepare very well: salmon with penne pasta.

TG: What’s the most romantic thing you’ve done for someone?
K: I wrote a song! When my boyfriend and I started dating, his birthday was coming up and I wanted to make a song that I thought reflected my impression of us (an impression that still thankfully stands): young-at-heart, silly and carefree. That song’s called ‘A Martian Stole My Heart’ and you can hear it here: www.last.fm/music/Kat Hennessy/_/A Martian Stole My Heart. He was really touched when he heard it!

TG: What are your three favourite local restaurants of the moment?
K: I’ve been a regular at Ruby Tuesday’s since 2007: mmm, just can’t get enough of their BBQ Chicken Tenders! It’s just great for a spontaneous lime: whether dining with friends, drinking with friends (I’ve kind of lost the taste for alcohol lately though) or just a late dinner with a significant other. Second is Sonata on the corner of Murray and Ariapita. I was introduced to Korean delicacy through Korean dramas, so I couldn’t wait to try Sonata’s food once they opened (mmm, mashittda!). I also love a good pizza, and I’ve found La Cantina to have the best pizza I’ve ever had thus far. I fell in love with them during a romantic getaway in Tobago, and now that they’re open in Trinidad I can deepen that love!

TG: Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
K: Primarily I’d like to still be making music and hopefully touring or collaborating with other artists (both local- and foreign-based). My boyfriend and I have also considered opening our own record label/studio/musical retreat resort in Trinidad/Tobago. I’d really like to be an entrepreneur; I’m very into fashion and scents so I see myself having my own fashion/jewelry/perfume line (or maybe all three!) And because I’d like to promote the use of natural hair & beauty products and working with/loving one’s natural hair, I’d like to also have a business centred around that desire of mine.

Oh, and of course, regarding leisure time, I see myself jet setting around the world with my wonderful boyfriend. The Mediterranean is one dream destination of ours *smile*.

Watch Kattronique perform “Sol Bonito” and “Beautiful Light on the 12th episode of “Sweet Han’: Caribbean Cooking with Sarina”!


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  • http://Enteryourwebsite... Sharline

    Kattronique, you are such a talent, i love your remix and can’t wait to hear more from you.

    Sarina, your recipes are awesome, you’ve bailed me out several times when i had to cook so thanks alot!

    • http://www.SarinaNow.com Sarina

      Thanks so much Sharline! 🙂 Really glad you enjoyed the episode as well 🙂 Feel free to join Kat’s mailing list at www.Kattronique.com to be alerted to her new release! 🙂

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