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Brother’s Bread (recipe)

Brother's Bread (recipe)
Well it’s been a while since I have posted a bread recipe. With rising bread prices here in Trinidad my mother and I have now committed to making our own bread on a full time basis rather than occasionally. Although my ciabatta bread recipe has been really popular don’t think that I don’t have a huge backlog of other recipes that I want to try. This one here (Brother’s Bread)... 

Poll Results: How do you prefer to receive your RSS feeds?

The majority has spoken, 55% of you said ‘Show me the full article!’, so following your wishes I have switched TriniGourmet over to a full-feed format! And, because 25% of you wanted to know what RSS is, I have also provided a separate ‘What is RSS?‘ page specifically for you! Hopefully this change won’t cause too many snafus as I have also installed several anti-theft... 

Trinidad Cocoa’s Sweet Feet (article)

Trinidad Cocoa's Sweet Feet (article)
I’ve been meaning to share more details about Trinidad’s exclusive Trinitario cocoa ever since my highly successful post for Upside Down Chocolate pudding. After this article appeared 2 weeks ago in a local newspaper I knew it was time to start sharing the various articles and findings I’ve compiled on our local cocoa industry as well as the chocolate world on a whole Hopefully... 

Scottish Oatcakes (recipe)

Scottish Oatcakes (recipe)
When I first read about Beck ‘n Posh’s British food challenge (titled Fish n Quips) I was immediately filled with curiousity, excitement and fear. You see, and I hope I don’t offend too many, most of my memories of eating in England are far from fond. Outside of fish n chips nothing really appealed to me or was anything that I wanted to taste a second time. Some of this may have... 

Steamed Cho-Cho (Christophene Pudding) (recipe/video)

Steamed Cho-Cho (Christophene Pudding) (recipe/video)
This recipe comes from the website and is my contribution this week to Weekend Herb Blogging (hosted this time around by What Did You Eat?)  Read More →

Coconut Chicken Curry (recipe)

Coconut Chicken Curry (recipe)
I love recipes that come together in a flash with minimal prep and cleanup. This is one of those recipes and it was delicious! It comes from the website. For those who don’t already know Grace is one of the largest (if not largest) producers of canned goods in Jamaica. Their products can be found throughout the Caribbean as well as overseas and their website is certainly one... 

Eggplant-Potato ‘Surprise’ (recipe)

Eggplant-Potato 'Surprise' (recipe)
So what is the ‘surprise’? Probably the pack of heat that this recipe delivers I used a whole scotch bonnet this time but would probably reduce that to 1/2 the next time I make this. It was a hit with my mom tho Unfortunately my digital camera has officially passed away so I have had to use my cameraphone to take shots As I clear out my backlog of recipes you’ll see a mix of... 

BBM 2.0 – Doitung Macadamia Nuts with Wasabi

BBM 2.0 - Doitung Macadamia Nuts with Wasabi
Although this is one of the last of the items in my Blogging by Mail package to be written up it actually was the first item to be opened. My mother is a nut addict and I had never tasted macadamia nuts before so it seemed like a no-brainer. Plus there was wasabi, and I haven’t had anything wasabi-related in years I really enjoyed these nuts because they reminded me of Brazil nuts (though lighter... 

Vegetable Curry In A Hurry (recipe)

Vegetable Curry In A Hurry (recipe)
This has to be one of my favorite recent recipes. Its twist (for me) comes from the addition of mango chutney near the end. This really gives it a sweet n savoury kick that is hard for others to put their finger on. Since this recipe I’ve taken to adding a spoonful of chutney into my curry dishes as a matter of course Because I used chive from our little herb garden (see below), I have also... 

Great Garlic Galette (recipe)

Great Garlic Galette (recipe)
At the time that I am writing this Passover is a little less than 24 hours away from ending*, and I’m starting to daydream about all sorts of leavened goodness. For those who don’t already know Passover is an 8 day period in the Jewish calender where observers remember and relive the Hebrew exodus from Egypt. Although most attention is spent on the seders (ceremonial dinners) that mark... 

BBM 2.0 – Guylian Truffles

BBM 2.0 - Guylian Truffles
No words necessary! These were the last to be consumed, but they are not the last in this series by any means Customs sliced the bottom of this (and one other box) checking for ‘contraband’! So creamy and light inside!!!  Read More →

Ciabatta Bread – an overview

Ciabatta Bread - an overview
“I feast on wine and bread, and feasts they are” – Michelangelo As ‘ciabatta bread’ continues to be the #1 search term via which people stumble onto I thought I’d dig up some more information about this increasingly popular bread! If you are in a rush for a recipe – click here to see my step by step illustrated tutorial! From Wikipedia: Ciabatta... 

BBM 2.0 – Thai Kick Hot Sauce

BBM 2.0 - Thai Kick Hot Sauce
This post was originally published on April 8, 2007. It has been updated once since then. I love hot sauce but I never had a hot sauce like this! Eva said that she picked it up on her latest trip to SE. Asia, which instantly made it doubly OOOOO to me From the minute I saw it’s cloudy brown colour I knew it had to have tamarind, and reading the list of ingredients showed I was right (from... 

BBM 2.0 – Tagliatelle with Mushrooms

BBM 2.0 - Tagliatelle with Mushrooms
In my Blogging by Mail package was a package of odd looking brown noodles. I wasn’t sure at first what they were. From the italian text I could figure out it was pasta, but with mushrooms? Was i reading it wrong? Turns out I wasn’t! This package comes from a pasta house called Morelli, you can visit their website here (it’s only in Italian at the moment though but really gorgeous... 

REVIEW: Cooking with Three Ingredients (Flavorful Food Easy as 1,2,3)

REVIEW: Cooking with Three Ingredients (Flavorful Food Easy as 1,2,3)
“Cooking with Three Ingredients: Flavorful Food, Easy as 1, 2, 3“ < ?php echo getad('verticalbanner'); ?>Am I the only home cook who has their ‘fallback’ book? It seems like no matter how many cookbooks I collect, how many websites I bookmark or magzine clippings I compile, when I’m in a rush, or money is tight there are 2-3 cookbooks that I keep returning to for... 

BBM 2.0 – Le Saunier Fleur de Sel de Camargue (French Sea Salt)

BBM 2.0 - Le Saunier Fleur de Sel de Camargue (French Sea Salt)
Sea Salt! I love Sea Salt! I started buying it a few years ago after TruValu stopped stocking kosher salt. I loved its coarse texture, intense flavour and of course, being the health hippy that I was raised to be, its trace mineral goodness. Normally I buy Celtic Sea Salt at HiLo -at an obscene price- but lately Cuisine (a local brand) has been producing a sea salt that is very affordable. I don’t... 

Blogger Postcards From Around The World – Pt 2.

Blogger Postcards From Around The World - Pt 2.
Here is my long overdue conclusion to the Blogger Postcards From Around the World exchange that I took part in several months ago. You can click here to see the postcard that I sent out (unfortunately I’ve gotten no feedback on whether my postcard was received ) Above you can see the wonderfully campy card that I got from American food bloggers Paul and Freya of “Writing At The Kitchen... 

Tuna-Potato Casserole (recipe)

Tuna-Potato Casserole (recipe)
I expanded this one dish meal from a recipe in one of those little checkout aisle booklets that my mom has held on to from the 70’s We served it with a crisp vegetable salad on the side. I think it’s a pretty flexible recipe and if there are chopped vegetables you want to use up and throw into the layers you should totally do that, I know I will This post was originally published... 

BBM 2.0 – Petits Calins de Pont-Aven: Dark chocolate wafers filled with Mint cream

BBM 2.0 - Petits Calins de Pont-Aven: Dark chocolate wafers filled with Mint cream
I’ve never been a big fan of ‘thin mints’. My only memories of them were in the boxes of US Girl Guide cookies that would appear from time to time in the dorms during college. I believe I’ve also had them locally but I don’t think they are very popular. I’ve never been a big fan of mint in candies, and always thought it felt clashed with the chocolate coating. So... 

BBM 2.0 – Bovetti Savory Artisan Chocolate

BBM 2.0 - Bovetti Savory Artisan Chocolate
Bovetti Artisan Chocolate! I had never known about this company (surprise surprise) so I went online and found You know you are dealing with a French website when you click on “English” and the language is still French Fortunately some of my CXC (high school) French was still rolling around my head and I was able to navigate to some pages that were actually in English! Here...