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EVENT: Bailey’s Dulce de Leche Launch!

EVENT: Bailey's Dulce de Leche Launch!
Wednesday, November 5 2014 saw the T&T launch of Bailey’s newest flavour ‘Dulce de Leche’ at the recently opened Rizzoni’s Ristorante Italiano and I was thrilled to participate in the event. My day started at 4:30 a.m. and was a blur of morning show appearances, mid-day photo-taking (behind the camera) and then more picture taking (this time in front)... 
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Consumers in Trinidad and Tobago will soon be able to browse specific products, services and menu items of local businesses online through the new Menus and Catalogues feature being released by the search platform, The Menus and Catalogues feature will empower consumers to make purchasing decisions for a meal or product directly from the palm of their hands in a fast and convenient way.... 

Sundae Fest 2014

Sundae Fest 2014
After an amazing debut Sundae Fest is back for its second year. If you missed my writeup of last year’s festivities check it out here. This is definitely one culinary event that is worth marking down 🙂 Sundae 20th July 2014 – its back!!! The double scoop! Sundae Fest is centered on family, friends, fun and Ice Cream! The event venue will be dramatically designed and... 

At the launch of Franciacorta wines – “the champagne of Italy” #trinidad #caribbean #wine #drink #drinks #foodporn

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Cumin Potato Orange Spinach Salad with Mango Chutney Dressing (via Instagram)

I came up with this recipe for Episode 6 of “Sweet Han’: Caribbean Cooking with Sarina”. All who had it dubbed it an instant fave from the very first bite. It combines all the elements that I consider essential to a successful salad – color, contrasts and texture. Get the recipe: via... 

Charles Chocolates – Krik Krak

More gourmet brands are readily available now – both locally and foreign made. However when nostalgia hits and I want to be transported back to a simpler mood and time I still reach for a Krik Krak. via Instagram  Read More →

A Sunny Tablescape (via Pinterest)

Info : Loving the sunny and organic vibe of this tablescape! May 21, 2014 at 03:15PM Check out more of my favourite tablescapes on the TriniGourmet “Caribbean Glam” tablescapes Pinterest board 🙂 Follow Sarina’s board Tablescapes: Caribbean Glam™ By Request on Pinterest.  Read More →

APRIL GIVEAWAY! 3 Questions with Debbie of Peppa Deb’s Original Caribbean Hot Sauce

APRIL GIVEAWAY! 3 Questions with Debbie of Peppa Deb's Original Caribbean Hot Sauce
Earlier this week I shared my review of a new product “Peppa Deb’s Original Caribbean Hot Sauce”. To learn more about its creator and how to enter to win a 3-bottle sampler of your very own, read on! 🙂 “As a child growing up in San Fernando, I watched my father make his homemade pepper sauce from scratch using ingredients from the local market. I was... 

APRIL GIVEAWAY/PRODUCT REVIEW: Peppa Deb’s Original Caribbean Pepper Sauce

APRIL GIVEAWAY/PRODUCT REVIEW: Peppa Deb's Original Caribbean Pepper Sauce
Last week I received an amazing 3-bottle sampler of Peppa Deb’s Original Caribbean Pepper Sauce. Available in hot, medium and spicy it was way too good not to share with y’all!  I don’t often use commercial pepper sauces, as my father makes an excellent one. Indeed I am often told that his recipe “Bertie’s Mega-Hot Pepper Sauce” is a fave of... 

Banana Daiquri (recipe) – Caribbean Beachcomber July/August 1969

Banana Daiquri (recipe) – Caribbean Beachcomber July/August 1969
As I type this it’s 3pm, on a Tuesday. Yes, a Tuesday. Sometimes that’s just how life goes and it’s been -that- kind of week already. So, follow my lead and take a mid-day break today. It’s on me! (If your boss complains, make one for them too! 😉 ) This recipe comes from my ongoing “Caribbean Beachcomber” series. Banana... 

LIVE VIEWING POST: Watch Trinidad’s Brandon Soverall on Food Network’s “Cutthroat Kitchen”!

LIVE VIEWING POST: Watch Trinidad's Brandon Soverall on Food Network's
Trinidad’s Brandon Soverall competes on Food Network’s “Cutthroat Kitchen” tonight at 10pm EST. Currently the sous chef at “Triniti” in Houston, TX, USA, he first gained prominence among local foodies via cooking events at Port of Spain’s Fanatic Kitchen Studio. About Cutthroat Kitchen: From Wikipedia – Cutthroat Kitchen is a reality... 

Purim Menu (video)

Purim Menu (video)
Purim Menu 2011 • East Indian Chickpea Salad • Hummus • Pasta Puttanesca • Broccoli Gratin • Haman’s Ears/Orejas de Haman • Sarina’s Rum and Raisin Hamantsachen It always tickles me how close Purim and Carnival fall most years. I especially enjoy Purim because it’s the only time of year to make, and eat, various sugary goodies! One of my favourites is my Rum and Raisin... 

REVIEW: Blind Wine Tasting at Lotus Wares

REVIEW: Blind Wine Tasting at Lotus Wares
Saturday, February 8, 2014 was the date for an unforgettable ‘blind’ wine-tasting at Lotus Wares, hosted by Lisa Johnstone. If you have been reading this blog for a while you may remember my writeup last year of my previous visit to one of Lisa’s tastings. This event differed from that previous one in that it was a ‘blind tasting’. Blind in that we... 

Introducing Sweet Sereni-Tea Pastries & More

Introducing Sweet Sereni-Tea Pastries & More
Saturday February 1st, 2014 saw the launch of Sweet Sereni-Tea Pastries & More. Founded by Chef Jivita Douen (Le Cordon Bleu, England), Sweet Sereni-Tea also harnesses the expertise of Chefs Michelle Fournillier (Les Roches International School of Hotel Management, Switzerland) and Dale Hamilton (TTHTI, Trinidad). (L to R: Chefs Michelle Fournillier, Jivita... 

TriniGourmet’s “Holiday Glam: 30+ Festive Recipes” is here! Only $6.95 USD!

As the year draws to an end I’m thrilled to announce that my new ebook “Holiday Glam: 30+ Festive Caribbean Recipes” is now officially ready for purchase and download! It’s been over a year in the making and I hope that you are as happy with the results as I am. A compilation of popular local and regional fare, as well as some originals, the majority of the 30+ recipes in “Holiday... 

Trinidad Carnival Tour Package 2014 (spots available!)

Trinidad Carnival Tour Package 2014 (spots available!)
Hi everyone! I’m happy to announce that my good friend Petra Laptiste of still has a few spots available for Trinidad Carnival 2014. If you’re interested in coming to what some have hailed as “The Greatest Show on Earth” do view the itinerary above and drop her a line!  Read More →

Mustard Batons (recipe & video)

Mustard Batons (recipe & video)
I’m a big believer that soups can be an entire meal on their own, especially when paired with a side of bread. My own preference is to make the combo of soup and bread one of a meeting of opposite. The lighter the soup, the heavier the bread, and vice versa. Case in point, these mustard batons, procured from this recipe by Dorie Greenspan (it is also available in her extremely excellent “Around... 

Hyatt Regency Trinidad: General Manager’s Reception

Hyatt Regency Trinidad: General Manager's Reception
October was a busy month in terms of promoting the cuisine of Trinidad & Tobago to the US market. In town were several American food writers at the invitation of the TDC (Tourism Development Corporation) and their experience was nothing short of whirlwind! Wednesday October 15th they were the guests of the Hyatt Regency‘s monthly General Manager’s Reception. The... 

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