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Eddoes In Coconut Sauce

via Instagram Eddoes in Coconut Sauce This recipe is a great substitute for mashed potatoes. Eddoes, like potatoes, are a tuber. Along with cassava, dasheen and sweet potatoes, they form a family known as ‘ground provisions’. Look for them in West Indian markets as well as Latin American ones where they go by the name malangas. If you’re unable to locate them however feel free... 

7 Sweet Trini Treats (FREE DOWNLOAD) now available!

7 Sweet Trini Treats (FREE DOWNLOAD) now available!
I’m beyond thrilled to announce the launch of my first ebook titled “7 Sweet Trini Treats”. It contains several recipes that represent my childhood here in Trinidad as well as some from older generations that are at risk of being lost. Some of the recipes have appeared in an older form here on Trinigourmet and have been updated. I have also included several new... 

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