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Curried Pumpkin and Rice (recipe)

Curried Pumpkin and Rice (recipe)
This dish came up as a whim on my part. I quite like it and think it makes an attractive side to a meat entree. It’s also great all by itself (as I sometimes have it) Because it’s vegetarian in nature I think it may also be a great addition to the menus of any of you who may be planning Tu B’Shevat seders. I’ll be featuring more vegetarian dishes in the run-up to this fun... 

Caramelized Onion Sauce

Caramelized Onion Sauce
This recipe for Caramelized Onion Sauce came about as a result of the Onion Day Challenge posed by Kochtopf. According to her: In Berne (Switzerland) the annual Zibelem?Ι¬§rit (onion market) is held on the fourth Monday in November. This year it will take place on Monday, 27th November. More than 50 tons of onions – in artistically woven plaits – are offered on this day on more then 300... 

Thanksgiving Recipes – Island Style

Thanksgiving Recipes - Island Style
If I was to host a Tropical Thanksgiving, what would I serve? That question has been in my head with all the Thanksgiving promotions on the US television channels. So, for this post I thought that I would troll the ol blogosphere for Thanksgiving recipes with an ‘island twist’ that all can enjoy! It seems (from the telly) that everyone in the US celebrates Thanksgiving regardless of race,... 

Oil Down

Oil Down
Oil Down, is a colloquial Caribbean name for any dish of vegetables cooked in coconut milk until all the milk is absorbed and the ingredients have turned into a creamy mush (or have ‘oiled down’). The two most popular oil downs are breadfruit oil down and cassava oil down. Oil down is really something to experience first-hand, I am not sure that I can convey the creamy, buttery, saltiness... 

Double Corn Spoon Bread with Green Chiles (San Francisco Chronicle’s Top Recipe of 1992)

Double Corn Spoon Bread with Green Chiles (San Francisco Chronicle's Top Recipe of 1992)
The contrasting tastes and textures of cornmeal and fresh corn kernels enrich the following recipe from Georgeanne Brennan. Tasters at the San Francisco Chronicle really liked the charred fresh chiles and the light, souffle-like texture. Serve this anytime — even for a light supper with a green salad and French bread. Brennan started writing for the Food section in 1982. She is the author of:... 

Twice-Baked Goat Cheese Souffle (San Francisco Chronicle’s Top Recipe of 2000)

Twice-Baked Goat Cheese Souffle (San Francisco Chronicle's Top Recipe of 2000)
This souffle is baked in individual ramekins, then cooled and baked again right before serving, making it a great choice for entertaining. Tasters loved its delicate texture and subtle goat cheese flavor. Tweet  Read More →

Perfect Popovers (San Francisco Chronicles’ Top Recipe of 1993)

Perfect Popovers (San Francisco Chronicles' Top Recipe of 1993)
The following high-rise popover recipe makes the perfect Sunday breakfast dish. Serve them hot from the oven with unsalted butter and strawberry jam. It was created by Flo Braker, who began writing The Baker column for The Chronicle in 1989. She is the author of: The Simple Art Of Perfect Baking Tweet  Read More →

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