Check out Trinigourmet in Caribbean Beat Magazine Nov/Dec 2010!

Have you seen the Nov/Dec 2010 issue of Caribbean Beat Magazine? I hadn’t until I started getting congratulatory messages on Twitter last month about my mention in it! Of course I then rushed to their website to see what it was all about 🙂 And, there it was!

The article “Perfect Presents For Foodie Friends” is written by BBC Producer Franka Philip, the mind behind “Can Cook, Must Cook” and includes part of my response to her on that very same question earlier in 2010. I will post my full response soon, now that I know the shape that the final article took 🙂

Also mentioned in the article is Kimberly Parris of Kimberly Parris Catering. Kimberly has previously been mentioned on Trinigourmet for her black cake frosting skills! 🙂

It really makes me happy to not only see more Caribbean Food Voices reaching the mainstream media, but that many of them (including my own) have sprung organically from the blogosphere and grown in validity, thanks to the support and affirmations of readers like yourself!


But what do you get for the foodies who seem to have everything? I think you’ve got to go for something with a bit of wow factor. And that’s why Sarina Bland of the Trinigourmet blog, recommends the Butane Chef torch.

“Cooking gets downright sexy when one is able to wield fire and steel. With a flick of your finger and a twist of the wrist you’ll be able to get the perfect golden tips on your meringues, not to mention the ultimate crackling golden amber crusts to your creme brulee. If you’re feeling particularly flash, nothing will make a get-together as unforgettable as the moment when you whip out your torch and flame each guest’s serving before their eyes. Voila!”

(Click thumbnails to view the full article)

Click here to read the full Nov/Dec 2010 issue of Caribbean Beat

About Caribbean Beat:
Published since 1992 by Media & Editorial Projects Ltd (MEP), Caribbean Beat is the Caribbean’s leading magazine on Caribbean and West Indian arts, culture and society, and the inflight magazine of Caribbean Airlines. Beat is a magazine about the real Caribbean – a general-interest, pan-Caribbean publication, produced in the West Indies, by Caribbean people. It gets behind the familiar stereotypes to show how rich Caribbean life really is – its music, art, dance, books, sport, fashion, design, festivals, history, environment, people, lifestyle. This is the region’s most widely-distributed magazine, committed to the highest editorial and production standards.

Click here to read my previous mention in Caribbean Beat magazine back in 2007!

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