I’m Back!!! :)

Hey everyone, sorry for being offline so long. I never expected that my net problems would have lasted as long as did. Good news though, my connection is back and so without further drama or delay I can get back to posting and sharing recipes, reviews and other food-related items that catch my eye here in Trinidad 🙂

Thanks to everyone who sent emails of concern and encouragement, I will respond to everyone in due time 😀 There were some rather unkind comments as well, but that’s life I guess? 🙁

Anyway, this is brief because I have a lot of site maintenance to catch up on, as well as pictures to scroll through and edit (you didn’t think I had stopped cooking did you??) It’s always harder to get back into rhythm once it’s broken, but I have missed this site and the larger online foodie community so I’ll get over the inertia 🙂 Hope you’re glad to ‘see’ me again 🙂

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  • http://www.soulfusionkitchen.blogspot.com/ Sylvie

    Happy New Year!

  • http://www.soulfusionkitchen.blogspot.com/ Sylvie

    Happy New Year!

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