Microplane 5pc Grater Set – Review & Giveaway!

This giveaway has ended. Congratulations to our winner, Barbara of Vino Luci Style!

Last month I was excited to receive a review set of Microplane’s 5 pc Grater set. Hand-grating is probably one of the kitchen prep tasks I loathe the most and I use the grater attachment of my food processor for most things. For the odd things that do require hand-grating J makes a great manual operator *chuckle*.

I have heard the Microplane name for many years, especially in terms of zesting and have long wondered what about a grater could cause consumers to develop such vocal loyalty let alone rockstar levels of devotion. I was soon to find out.

The first thing I noticed upon unpacking the 5pc Grater set was how sturdy the construction was. They have a very solid weight to them, and the no-slip ergonomic handles are a nice touch. Each grater comes with a safety cover which not only serves the practical purpose of protecting your hand from any unfortunate accidents they also serve as visual reminders of what purpose each grater is best suited for.

Included in the set are:

• Medium Ribbon Grater – best for chocolates
• Fine Grater – best for citrus zesting
• Extra Coarse Grater – best for vegetables
• Coarse Grater – best for cheeses, also recommended for coconut, vegetables and chocolate
• Grater Safety Attachment

The first grater to be tested was the one for chocolate ribbons. Making its debut in a parfait I designed for the Trinidad Macaroni Kid site I was shocked at how effortlessly it performed. Not before a minor mishap though where I somehow grazed my knuckle on the grater’s surface trying to understand its sleek, almost flat design (d’oh!). Despite (or maybe because of) this flatness there was very little surface resistance experienced when grating, and the chocolate simply slid back and forth in a very natural motion that required little to no exertion or pressure on my part. I alternated between moving the chocolate against the grater and moving the grater against the chocolate without any discernable differences in result. Which method you use is purely up to preference. The results were these beautiful chocolate shavings that looked exactly like curled ribbons.

I was now eager to see how the other graters would perform! It would be a few days again until I had a chance but last weekend I brought them out to grate some carrots and zest some citrus.

Let’s look at the results!

Grating carrots is one of the activities I use my kitchen processor most often for. I was curious to see how the Microplane would compare to its ease and speed. Just as with the chocolate, the carrots glided over the surface creating tissue thin shards. The result was much more delicate than what I produce with my kitchen processor. See the below pics to better understand.

(left: Microplane, right: food processor)

As I was making a rather large salad and had a pound of carrots to go through, after one carrot I was done and finished the rest (in under a minute) with the food processor. For large jobs, or those dishes where a coarser result is preferred, the processor will definitely still be my go-to. I do believe however that the Microplane Coarse Grater will be ideal when the amounts needed are smaller and where thinner results are important for a light texture – e.g. latkes and grated onions, cabbages and tomatoes.

It was now time to move on to the citrus zester.

I was probably the most excited about this one as citrus zest is something I always see portrayed, almost romantically, on food shows but I have never been able to duplicate the gossamer-like strands I see on the screen at home. Instead I would have to apply an awful lot of pressure to get miniscule amounts which took forever to dig out of the grater. Well, I’m happy to report that with the Microplane Citrus Grater those days are now firmly in the past!

How pretty is that? 🙂

Unlike the previous two graters this one took a little more elbow grease (I really had to focus to make sure I didn’t grate any part of my hand lol), but with the tough outer skins of most citrus that is understandable. The paper thin ribbons which resulted were long, aromatic and fell easily away from the implement.

Grating nirvana had been achieved!

All in all I am extremely impressed and delighted with the Microplane 5pc Grater set. I haven’t yet used the attachment but it’s something I can see my mother being interested in and I’ll be demoing the cheese grater in the next few days. Any criticisms are minor and mentioned in the below synopsis box. Ready to check it out for yourself? Read on to see how you can score a set direct from Microplane in my first ever Twitter Giveaway!

Microplane 5pc. Grater Set

Well-Identified Safety Covers
Sturdy Construction
High Performance
Non-slip handles
Safety Attachment

Would be great to have had a holder or case
Be careful handwashing
Hard to keep track of which cover belongs on which grater if more than are in use simultaneously

Microplane 5pc Grater Set Giveaway!

Thanks to Kara at Microplane I have 1 5pc Grater Set to giveaway!

To enter:

1. Follow @microplane on Twitter.
2. Follow @trinigourmet on Twitter
3. Tweet the following – “ Just entered to win a #Microplane 5pc Grater Set. You can too! Follow @trinigourmet & @microplane and RT.  See bit.ly/fvlFjT

Giveaway ends April 10, 2011 at 11:59p.m. EST. The winner (chosen by RowFeeder) will be announced on Monday April 11th. If the winner doesn’t respond within 2 working days a new winner will be chosen Thursday April 14th.

This giveaway has ended. Congratulations to our winner, Barbara of Vino Luci Style!

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  • http://twitter.com/trinichefaholic Trini chefaholic

    hey who won this contest

    • http://www.TriniGourmet.com Sarina – Trinigourmet

      Hey! The winner was Barbara of VinoLuciStyle.com 🙂 Thanks for asking, I haven’t had a chance to update the post yet. Stay tuned for my May giveaway 🙂 It’s coming soon!

    • http://www.TriniGourmet.com Sarina – Trinigourmet

      Hey! The winner was Barbara of VinoLuciStyle.com 🙂 Thanks for asking, I haven’t had a chance to update the post yet. Stay tuned for my May giveaway 🙂 It’s coming soon!

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