Trinigourmet Q&A #13 – Can You Help Me Find These “Chinese Cakes”?

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Dear Readers,

Today is one of those days when I get to turn the tables and pose the questions to -you- 🙂 You see, last month Alana, a fellow reader, asked me about “Chinese Cakes”.

I’m looking for a recipe called chinese cake but it looks like a cookie and is very soft and melts in your mouth, can you please help? My mom loves those but I cant find it. I would greatly appreciate ifyou can get me the recipe.

I sent her a link to Ramin Ganeshram’s recipe for said “Chinese Cakes” however it turned out she was looking for something quite different!

Thanks, but those are not them! This dessert looks like an actual cookie and doesnt have fillings.  These cookies are very rare, when my grandmother was alive she used to bring them to the states…These cookies are just plain nothing in them or on them just yellow cake-like color that was a cookie.

Well, that definitely piqued my curiousity. As regular readers would know, one of my missions with Trinigourmet has been to record and preserve our older culinary traditions. Too many of which have died, or are nearing extinction. This ‘cookie’ is one I am quite unfamiliar with and so I did some more digging, even turning to popular Chinese treats from overseas, hoping to find some correlation.

After some back and forth, we ruled out the possibility of these “Chinese Cakes” being like Taiwanese Sun Pastries or Mooncakes/Mooncake biscuits.

This cookie is not crunchy, when you bite into it it is moist like a cake! It almost reminds me of a coconut drop but its kind of like that texture if not softer and its thick like a coconut drop but has nothing in it, nor is it covered with any raisins or anything else.

So that’s what we’re left with. A Chinese-Trinidadian bakery treat that is:

• shaped like a cookie
• plain yellow and thick like a coconut drop
• cake-like in texture
• no fillings…


Well readers, I am stumped! If you think you know what Alana is referring to, please assist by leaving a comment on this post. I’d rather all responses be preserved on this site, not just for Alana, but also to assist future web searchers who may be trying to find this obviously unique treat! Whether it’s a name, a picture, or even a recipe that you may have, please don’t be shy, the more contributions we have the more complete a picture we’ll all have on this elusive item. 🙂

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  • Elias Chan-Sui

    I’ve made something like those. I don’t own muffin tins so I simply poured some thick pancake batter (lemon rind flavored) in small silver dollar pancake sized pools onto a half sheet baking pan lined with a silicon mat. Bake that until golden. My pancake batter has sugar and I suppose you could make it without milk.

    • Sarina – Trinigourmet

      Wow! That sounds great! Thanks so much for sharing that Elias. I am going to give it a try and let Alana know as well about your suggestion 🙂 Such a great community we have here!

  • Anonymous

    hmm I was thinking mooncakes but that one has me stumped sorry

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