Trini Pepper Sauce: Fresh Hot Sauce from Trinidad and Tobago (Kickstarter Project)

From Mustafa Mannan:

Trinidad and Tobago is a small country of two islands in the caribbean known for its local cuisine and carnival. It’s an amazing place, with so many different kinds of cultures all blended together. Whenever I would go back to visit my family, my grandmother would always give me bottles of hot sauce to share with friends.

The hot sauce is referred to as ‘peppa sauce’. Every family has their own recipe and it’s typically added to meals to add flavor and heat. I started bringing back tons and tons of bottles, and it still somehow was never enough.

Following my family recipe, we’re using the freshest hand picked Scotch Bonnet and Scorpion Peppers flown in from the rich fertile soils of Trinidad and Tobago. The hot sauce blends fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs with mustard and vinegar, creating a rich, delicious flavor. The Scotch Bonnet Peppers give the sauce a glowing yellow color. The result is a unique tasting, incredibly flavorful sauce that’s so fresh and unprocessed you’ll savor each and every ingredient!



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