Trinidad Floats

I never realised how many memories I had around floats until I forced myself to finally learn how to make
them. These were a breakfast staple when I spent holidays by my aunt and were the only place where I really
ate them. The moment I started frying that first batch in preparation for my ebook “Glam By Request: 30+ Easy Caribbean Recipes“, my mind flashed back to the same sounds and smells wafting from her kitchen, rousing me and her godchildren with early sunrise. No matter what she stuffed them with, they were always accompanied with warm cocoa served in utilitarian enamel mugs.

Sweet and salty, light and crispy, floats are best enjoyed piping hot, stuffed with buljol, ackee and saltfish, corned beef,
scrambled eggs, or even plain cheese. Want the recipe? Get my foolproof recipe in “Glam By Request: 30+ Easy Caribbean Recipes” (details below).

Enjoy your float with any of the following:
Grated Carrot and Raisin Salad (recipe)
Trinidad Callaloo
Red Red (recipe)
Sarina’s Spicy Ochro/Okra Melée (recipe)
Fried Eggplant (recipe)

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These recipes include:

Aloo Puri (Potato Roti)
Beef Pies
Butter Loaf
Carrot Punch
Coconut Sweetbread
Fizzy Mauby
Honey Roasted Nuts
Jamaican Escovitch Fish
Lentil Soup
Lime Pepper Jelly
Trinidad Parsad
Trinidad ‘Stew Fish
‘Tun Cornmeal
Vegan Punch de Creme
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  • Cisslyn Ramdeo

    Dear Sarina, This is Cisslyn Ramdeo here from PoetryPoem. You had given me permission to post your recipes on my website. I did about three and gave you/Trinigourmet the credit for it. I have a new website poetrypoem/jamittrinistyle and I would like to post a few (not much) of your recipes there. I would give you and Trinigourmet the credit and try to post your link on my page (not sure how to post the link yet). Thanks, Cisslyn Ramdeo

    • Sarina

      Hi Cisslyn, thanks for the headsup 🙂 I never did get the URL from you last time for the recipes you posted then. Wouldn’t mind seeing, and let me know when the new ones are up 🙂

      • Cisslyn Ramdeo

        Hi Sarina, Thanks a lot. Above is my address for my website. I’m not sure if I did it the way I should (smile) but I’ve given it a try (my address). You’ll see your recipes under my Poetry List; Look for Trini Recipes. I hope the pages are pleasing to you. Any adjustments needed, please let me know and I’ll be much obliged.
        Cisslyn Ramdeo

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