Trinigourmet Q&A #12: Can frozen peppers be used to make pepper sauce?

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Reader’s Question: Have you ever used peppers (for Trinidad Pepper Sauce) that you had previously frozen? I have a bunch of peppers from last season that I steamed, ice bathed, and then shrink wrapped & froze. Looking for a good use for them. Plus, 2 1/2 pounds is a lot of peppers to gather when you only have one plant!

TriniGourmet’s Answer:

Hi there! After rereading my father’s recipe for Trinidad Pepper Sauce I see no reasons why steamed and frozen peppers can not be used. If it was a recipe where the peppers needed to retain their form it may have been a problem but as they are pureed I say go right ahead! The only difference I think you will experience is a reduction in the heat profile. Let me know how it turns out. Best Wishes! 🙂

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ETA (Oct. 16, 2010): Reader @Tacarigua tweeted me to confirm me that there is indeed a reduced heat profile when making pepper sauce from steamed and frozen peppers. “From my own experience @Trinigourmet , it’s better to wash, dry, and freeze hot peppers uncooked. They retain their heat.” He goes on to state that freezing them -uncooked- is the best compromise for those who need to store the peppers for long periods. Thanks for chiming in Tac! 🙂

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  • Taymer

    This came up recently with my testers as hot peppers are not something you can get like that came up. I find that the heat factor gets reduced significantly when frozen but the freezing whole keeps the pepper in tact. The pepper sauce will be fine and in some instances less hot from my experience.
    I think the cooking is something to do with the Trini pepper sauce but I only do raw.

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