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TriniGourmet’s Glam By Request: 30+ Easy Caribbean Recipes – Coming August 31!

What a year this has been! Like many of you I had amazingly lofty New Year resolutions and then ‘life’ happened. Personal obstacles and commitments pulled me away from posting as regularly as I have in the past. For that I do apologize. However, I am am now thrilled to announce that at least one of my resolutions is now complete and almost ready to be unveiled. My next ebook!

TriniGourmet's Glam By Request: 30+ Easy Caribbean Recipes

“Glam By Request: 30+ Easy Caribbean Recipes” [1] is a longer format followup to last year’s “Seven Sweet Trini Treats” [2]. A compilation of common requests that I have received from readers of TriniGourmet.com [3] many of the recipes have never appeared on this site.

Although it won’t officially go on sale, via this site, until August 31st (Happy Independence T&T!), members of my mailing list will be getting a special ‘advance’ notice and discount some time next week. So, if you are not already on my list, sign up now to receive an opportunity to order “Glam By Request” [1] at a discount before it appears on the site! 🙂

Thanks so much for your support and patience. I’ll be posting more regularly, catching up on your emails and support requests and and will also be dropping more hints and insights into “Glam By Request” [1] over the next few days via Facebook [4], Twitter [5] and Pinterest [6]. Stay Tuned!

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