UpMarket!: A monthly showcase for local artisans

Upmarket Trinidad

Here in Trinidad & Tobago it can be hard to develop a sustainable market for your products if your focus is handmade items or you produce your items on a small-scale. This has been a major hindrance to entrepreneurial development, as well as cultural diversity and development. That’s why when Upmarket came along it immediately filled a void that needed acknowledgement.

Upmarket Trinidad

Held monthly (usually) on a Saturday, Upmarket allows enterprising jewellers, leatherworkers, woodcarvers, bakers, caterers, condiment makers, and so much more to ply their wares and grow their local following. As I rarely leave the house on Saturdays I was never able to attend one until last July when they held it on a Sunday (something I hope happens more from now on).

Upmarket Trinidad

Although I was told vendor attendance was slightly smaller that day, because of the change in schedule. I was still overwhelmed and extremely impressed. Not only by the range of products which are being made locally, but also by the ingenuity which was on display.

Upmarket Trinidad

Upmarket Trinidad

Tropickle Foods Trinidad Upmarket
Tropickle Foods provided a dizzying array of spices as well as some very interesting jams and condiments.

Upmarket Trinidad Venezualan Arepas
Venezualan Arepas

Upmarket Trinidad

Zabouca Breads gluten Free Upmarket Trinidad

The range of offerings from Zabouca Bread really made an impression on me, especially as more than a few are gluten-free!

Zabouca Breads, Trinidad, Upmarket

More from Zabouca Breads

After sharing my images and thoughts on social media (follow me on Instagram!) I received several messages from people who had not heard of the showcase prior. It appears that awareness of this opportunity for both artisans and customers may still be somewhat limited outside of the Port-of-Spain area. Hopefully this post will help to change that!

To learn more about Upmarket, how you can participate and when the next one will be held visit their Facebook page.

Upmarket Trinidad

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