Watch Episode 13 of “Sweet Han’: Caribbean Cooking with Sarina”! (video)

This month marks the third installment of my “CookALong” series where a prominent (usually) Caribbean personality follows one of my recipes, and sometimes throws in a few of their own 🙂 This week however I’m shaking things up a bit by taking a ‘virtual’ trip to another multicultural island oasis, that of Hawaii, where my best bud and culinary whiz Lynn Li is located.

Lynn will be making my recipe for Trinidad Carrot Punch as well as her own take on two Hawaiian desserts. I can hardly wait!

Joining us on-air will be Trinidadian jazz guitarist Dean Williams who’ll be sharing two original compositions with us!

The Menu:

• Trinidad Carrot
• Butter
• Daifuku

Tune in tomorrow night 8 p.m. EST for the 13th episode of “Sweet Han’: Caribbean Cooking with Sarina”! The live stream will be posted on my Twitter, Facebook, and G+ accounts and on

For past episodes of “Sweet Han: Caribbean Cooking with Sarina” visit

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  • http://Enteryourwebsite... Pearl Vire

    I am almost 75 years old Trinidad born and lives in Chicago. The older I get I yearn (smile) for Trinidadian Foods and Delicacies like my Mother used to make like moist Pastelles, Bread, Cakes,Curries,Roti,Breadfood etc and I am not successful to duplicate even as I try. I resorted to ordering foods online with exorbitant shipping prices and was mostly dissappointed.Can you advise me how to remedy this.Do you know of any online places that I can order and will ship to Chicago or what spices to add to make it taste like Trinidadian I have tried Caribbean spices to no avail. Ps. I also lived in Barbados and I am interested in Flying Fish. Can you help? Thanks! Pearl

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