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Which Alternative Pastelle Filling Should I Add Next To Trinigourmet? Weigh In!

Can you believe December is already here? It’s been an amazing year for me with many highs and lows. I can’t say I’m sad to see 2011 draw to a close as I am quite excited for 2012, but I can’t say that I haven’t learnt a lot this year or that I regret anything. I hope the same holds true for you. In a few days I will be starting my annual series of traditional Trinidadian Holiday recipes. Every year I polish off the posts, updating and tweaking as I see fit (if a post is unavailable at any point do know that’s probably the reason and it will be up again!). One post that I would love to add to is my post for Trinidad Pastelles [1]. In recent years I’ve seen more people offering alternative fillings to the traditional meat-based ones. Although fish seems to be growing in popularity, I’ve also heard references to vegan fillings and received requests for them as well. So, moving forward, I’d like to know which of the two you’d like me to update the post with for 2011. I’m all ears (or should I say eyes?) 🙂

Which Alternative Pastelle Filling Should I Add To Trinigourmet?

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