Your Wedding, Your Way Pt. 3: Soup, It’s Always In Style

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As you can tell from my title, I am a huge fan of soups. Whether clear, creamy, or chunky, there are very few soups that do not meet my favour. Yet, when it comes to weddings, I have rarely seen them on the menu locally. Why is this? In many other cultures a soup course before the actual entrée is standard, and even local buffets for business luncheons and social events usually liberally offer soup and rolls. Yet, once that event is a wedding there is, too often, only silence where a delicious soup could have been.

For me, the virtues of a soup course are many. They are often the first hot dish that your guests will receive, and the warmth creates a feeling of relaxation and goodwill. On top of that the slow pace which it must be consumed encourages conversation while preparing the stomach and palate for the other courses that are to come – heightening and guiding the culinary expectations that are yet to be fully realized.

A soup course can also play the role of a light (and cost-effective) entrée at a breakfast or luncheon reception, especially when paired with warm crusty rolls and assorted savoury sandwiches. So, instead of jumping over this humble starter, why not take some time to consider that course that no one seems to want to shine a light on, soup. I promise, you and your guests will be quite glad 🙂

Tomorrow I will highlight several rolls and sandwiches, that will partner delightfully not only with a soup course (should you choose to have one) but also with the entrees that are still to come 🙂

Until then!

Vichysoisse Creole (click here for recipe)

Butternut Squash Soup with Ginger (click here for recipe)

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