Cheers To New Beginnings!


How’s everyone! I hope that you are enjoying the rejuvenated content and updates. Do trust that there is much much more coming in the pipeline. I’ve been working quietly for many months behind the scenes on material, and assembling a team around me to assist and keep me accountable along the way!

Like many of you I’ve been through the wringer over the last two years. Lost more than a few, and gained some hard won lessons. However what this period has shown me is that there’s something unique that we all have, and all bring to the table, and we should do it to the best of our ability. At my lowest point of faith in myself, and my ability to execute all the things I’ve wanted to manifest via this platform, I started to livestream quietly and “anonymously” on the Twitch platform. I thought it very important to rediscover, on my own terms, my passion for what I do, my connection to why I do it, and most importantly, my voice.

In a noisy social media world, where you’re constantly compared to others, or told to be more like x (and thus less like yourself) it’s easy to distort your why. I can honestly say that competition and a desire to be #1 (whatever that means) has never motivated me. The amount of times I drop off the radar is certainly testimony to that! I’m really happy that slowly but surely, my experiment with live-streaming paid off, and has validated and healed a lot of the more bruised and battered dimensions of my online journey.

I registered on October 19, 2006, and clicked “Publish”on my first post within hours. It was a rebirth of a sort, coming from the ashes of a car accident that had put a permanent pause on my previous career plans. Now, 16 years later (I’m a DINOSAUR!), I’m rolling out the biggest rebirth yet. It’s nervewracking but exhilirating and I hope you’ll be with me!



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