Chi Chi Dango Mochi [RECIPE]

Chi Chi Dango Mochi

Is it just me or is the year speeding up ridiculously all of a sudden? I made these vegan and gluten-free Japanese Chi Chi Dango Mochi Cakes back in April on my Twitch stream but it already feels like years ago!

This was my first try at mochi cakes but I have loved them for a long time. After successfully making Nian Gao (also made from glutinous rice flour) for the Lunar New Year in February I felt that I could finally give these a try!

As this was a bit of an impulsive decision (yuh know when yuh ketch ah vaps?) I didn’t have any access to red bean paste to make the more common forms of stuffed mochi balls. A quick internet search led me to this version which is flavored with coconut milk! Right up my taste alley!

Next time I would color it a little more delicately (that red dye could really get away from a girl ?) however other than that it was much easier than I thought it would be! My mom wasn’t much a fan of the chewy texture or the delicate flavor (translation: it’s not that sweet) but I would definitely make it again. Just means more for me!

How about you? What do you think of mochi cakes?

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