Culinary Confessions

Every now and again I like to take a look at what people are searching for here on It gives me ideas on what to create next, and what to expand on 🙂

Not surprisingly there are always a few searches for pork (esp. geera pork). Although this is a Trini cooking site it is also a kosher one, so there won’t be any recipes prepared here for exclusively pork dishes. I don’t worry too much about this omission as there are recipes for these things floating on the net and I think the quality of this site is high enough to make up for the absence of the occasional treif product. However, not all of my omissions are due to religious/dietary restrictions.

The other day I noticed a lot of searches for oxtail. Just reading the word makes me shudder all over. That’s one ingredient/dish that I’ve never been able to stomach (figuratively and literally). The smell, the sight, the texture.. ack ack ack, it’s enough to make me leave a room 😥 So no… there won’t be any oxtail recipes proliferating here either, however in the glorious array that is the internet many other recipes do abound, including this one for oxtail stew with butter beans. Feel free to check it out!

Happy Eating! 🙂