Thinking About Grilled Cheese Sandwiches


The first time I gave grilled cheese sandwiches serious thought as a culinary rallying force was when I initially came across Kalyn Denny’s South-Beach centered blog ‘Kalyn’s Kitchen’ some time in 2006. In it she posted a passionate response to columnist Pete Well’s article in Food & Wine “In the Belly of the Blog” where he stated that the major of food blogs amount to little more than dull meanderings about cheese sandwiches.

Having never really had grilled cheese sandwiches outside of my own home, I found her argument interesting, but had nothing to judge it against. After a few moments of ponderous silence, I filed the article in the back of my head under ‘curious’ and went on with daily life.

Then early last year I passed by a friend’s house around lunchtime. She offered to make some grilled cheese sandwiches and I was thrilled. Cheese, two slices of bread, and a microwave, what could be snappier right? Wrong. Imagine my shock as she turned on her gas-top stove and started buttering the bread on both sides! Unable to disguise my amazement she asked me if I had never made it that way before? Then continued, that it really was the best way to make grilled cheese, as the butter gave the bread additional flavour and a lovely color.

Made sense 🙂 However when I asked her when she was going to put the pepper sauce, it was -her- turn to look aghast! I guess there are as many ways to make grilled cheese sandwiches as there are grilled cheese sandwiches 😆 How do you enjoy yours?