Naparima Cookbook Order Updates!

naparimagirls-8471429In other news… 2008 has barely begun and already it’s stressing me out. The New Year literally started out with me submitting my first refund, in over a year of mailing out Naparima Cookbooks. And it wasn’t the last… It appears that everything shipped on December 5th has gone AWOL. What makes this upsetting to me is that the packages were mailed promptly from my end and did arrive in the US, however the US Postal Service still has failed to forward them from the port of entry. Now I get to bear the brunt of everyone’s frustrations… fun… (not). Looks like I’ll be filing a few compensation claims with TTPost by the end of the month 😕

Over the past 4 months TTPost has made quite a few changes when it comes to the rules and regulations governing Express Mail packages. They’ve been inconvenient and timeconsuming enough for me to consider discontinuing my Naparima Book Service (and I do consider it a service, as opposed to the opinions of a few I am -definitely- not making any wild profits on this – I wish 😆 ). We’ll see 🙁