Quick Salmon Curry [Recipe]

Fish Curry Salmon Curry

Not sure I got the best capture of this Salmon Curry (I wish I had added some more chadon beni garnish now) but trust me when I say that it was delicious!

I first developed an affection for fish curries, when I made and posted this recipe for Salmon Kalia way back in 2007. There’s just something about the combination of spices, mingling with coconut milk, sugar and lime, fish sauce (if we’re going more South East Asian) that makes me ready to do a happy dance!

This salmon curry recipe was a riff on one I found online from Swasthi’s Recipes came together pretty quickly on-stream and the flavors didn’t overpower the delicate fish in any way! However don’t feel that you are restricted to using salmon. Kingfish (king mackerel) also works quite well, as does snapper and bass.

This dish is wonderful paired with roti (I enjoyed it with paratha/buss-up-shut) or fragrant white jasmine rice. Feel free to add a light salad as well, to round out the menu.

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