Trinidadian Food (through other culture’s eyes)

It’s always fun and amusing to see yourself (and your culture) through another’s eyes. I have over this weekend had this opportunity, not one but, two times! Firstly I was mentioned by one of my favorite food bloggers Cooking With Amy! There are no words for how awesome I found that 🙂

Secondly, my recipe for Trinidad Black Cake was mentioned in the Festive Food Fair roundup (along with my recipe for Sorrel which wasn’t even submitted!). In the writeup readers were warned to keep candles away from the black cake (presumably because of its high alcohol content). A wise recommendation and one that cracked me up to no end, candles and black cake are definitely not something I’ve ever seen, but I had never thought about it before!

I’m so happy that this blog is helping to spread the word about the unique and brilliant fusion culture which is just part of daily life here in Trinidad 🙂 I’ve also been told that this month’s issue of Saveur Magazine also has a recipe for Trinidad Black Cake? If anyone wants to share a scan that would be awesome! 🙂