Trinidad’s World-Famous KFC Zinger Chicken Sandwich [Recipe] (Gluten-Free Version Included)

KFC Zinger

Oh yes, the world-famous KFC Zinger. One day we’ll be able to turn to future generations and tell them about the days when all the KFCs of Trinidad & Tobago closed their doors and turned off their lights. Wanna talk about a good ghost story? ?

It was during one of those lockdown periods that a Twitch Famalay member suggested that I create a KFC recipe on-stream. Well yes! My mind immediately went to the Zinger! For those of you who don’t know, the KFC ZINGER is the chain’s biggest selling menu item globally, and it was conceived right here in Trinidad & Tobago!

From a press release: “The Zinger, the first fried chicken sandwich to be made by hand by the franchise, was introduced in Trinidad & Tobago in 1984 and is now available in more than 120 countries.”

So yes, it was now time to reverse engineer the famous Zinger, I sat down, chewed on a pen and tried to perfect my thinking squint. After which an exploratory Google Search quickly pulled up that in light of global lockdowns KFC had made their recipe publicly available! Welp. So much for my thinking squint!

The only changes that I made was to make the “breading” gluten-free for my mother’s benefit using equal parts cornmeal and gluten-free all purpose flour (I also served hers on homemade gluten-free buns). I also cooked the chicken pieces in the air fryer and it worked wonderfully. After airfrying for around 5 minutes, brush both sides of each piece with cooking oil before finishing the cooking time, for a deeper hue.

All you need now is to whip up your own fries, coleslaw and enjoy those unlimited condiments! #iykyk

Veni Mangé!

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