Trinigourmet Q&A #12: Can frozen peppers be used to make pepper sauce?


Reader’s Question: Have you ever used peppers (for Trinidad Pepper Sauce) that you had previously frozen? I have a bunch of peppers from last season that I steamed, ice bathed, and then shrink wrapped & froze. Looking for a good use for them. Plus, 2 1/2 pounds is a lot of peppers to gather when you only have one plant!

TriniGourmet’s Answer:

Hi there! After rereading my father’s recipe for Trinidad Pepper Sauce I see no reasons why steamed and frozen peppers can not be used. If it was a recipe where the peppers needed to retain their form it may have been a problem but as they are pureed I say go right ahead! The only difference I think you will experience is a reduction in the heat profile. Let me know how it turns out. Best Wishes! 🙂

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ETA (Oct. 16, 2010): Reader @Tacarigua tweeted me to confirm me that there is indeed a reduced heat profile when making pepper sauce from steamed and frozen peppers. “From my own experience @Trinigourmet , it’s better to wash, dry, and freeze hot peppers uncooked. They retain their heat.” He goes on to state that freezing them -uncooked- is the best compromise for those who need to store the peppers for long periods. Thanks for chiming in Tac! 🙂