TriniGourmet Q&A #5: Where to buy Doubles in NYC?


Reader’s Question: I used to work in St. James where there were at least half a dozen doubles stands in less than a quarter mile. I had 2 Every Morning. Now I’m in New York City– does anyone know where I can get my doubles fix? I’m too scared to make them myself, and I’m dying without them!

TriniGourmet’s Answer: Although the recipe for Trinidad Doubles is the most popular one here in TriniGourmet, not everyone has the time or the inclination to make it from scratch. This reader’s question is one that I am sure many have which is why I am featuring it here. As I have not been to NYC in many years I am turning the question over to you my readers. Where do you think are the best places to buy doubles in NYC? Please post your reply by commenting on this post (rather than sending an email) so that the answers can be saved for posterity and viewable by all. Thanks! 🙂