Food For Thought: Let Them Eat Cake!

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Choosing the cake for your wedding is probably one of the most visible and nerve-wracking components for a bride. Not only does it have to look good, it should embody the theme of your wedding, your personalities, and of course, it also needs to taste great!

“When choosing what’s known as the centre piece of all weddings, the cake, the bride should always be interested in the provider’s neatness, attention to details, taste and their creativity. They should ask for new ideas, ways to cut cost, how to combine different styles.” – Cheyenne Fabien, Cakes By Cheye

Annikka Aqui-Ramrattan of Cakes by Annikka also recommends looking for your baker/decorater two to three months in advance.

One of the first things that your provider will want to know is the time of day and location for your reception. These will ultimately set the tone for the cake style and structure that is most practical.

If you want sugar flowers or architectural elements to be included with your cake ask your baker to provide pictures of past works. This will allow you to get a sense of their expertise and aesthetic. For more complex display pieces styrofoam cakes are recommended for their structural stability, however budget-wise the difference between them and edible cakes is negligible.

When talking to a wedding cake provider seek someone who puts your vision first. Says, Aqui-Ramrattan “Think of beauty not budget. Let me worry about how to make it happen.”  Ultimately it’s the cake designer’s job to give the bride what she wants with as little stress as possible. This can include such little-considered details as packaging for your wedding guests’ favors.

Having said this however you will make your provider’s job a lot easier if you come into your consultation with a clear idea of your budget. Cheyenne Fabien of Cakes by Cheye says, “Brides can make the job easier by knowing if they have a theme or colour they’re working with. also a budget, so we won’t supply sketches and ideas for something way out, when we could work with in their means and give them a cake just as beautiful.”

Aqui-Ramrattan advises local brides to budget at least $2500TT towards their cake, with more intricate designs falling into the $5000-$6000TT range.

Questions to ask your cake provider include:

• Is my date available?

• How may other cakes do you have booked for that day?

• Is the top tier included in your pricing?

• When are the deposit and final payment to be made?

• What is your cancellation policy?

• Can cakes be customized?

• What are my filling choices?

• Do you work with fondant or buttercream? (some bakers prefer one over the other, others are comfortable working with both. If you have your heart set on one of the two, now is the time to make sure your baker is comfortable with your preference).

• How many people can attend the tasting?

• How far in advance will my wedding cake be prepared?

• What is the delivery process?

• What time will the cake be delivered to, and set up at, the location?

• Do you provide cake stands?

If you are interested in integrating emerging trends into your cake design Aqui-Ramrattan says that she increasingly sees brides leaning towards Princess-styled cakes “bling and sparkles”. Cupcakes are also increasing in popularity, however as an adjunct to, rather than as a replacement for, the central wedding cake. Cheyenne of Cakes by Cheye, also sees geode, chalkboard, naked and rustic cakes as growing in prevalence.


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