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REVIEW: Caribbean Seafood Extravaganza

Caribbean Seafood Extravaganza, a local publication from the Seafood Industry Development Company Limited [1], has become a silent treasure over the last year. This quietly printed book is full of solidly satisfying recipes for many Trinidadian species of fish that many may overlook in favour of the more popular types such as kingfish, carite etc. It also has highly imaginative re-interpretations of traditionally meat/fish based dishes. Recipes such as Bonito Pelau and Accras with Melongene are accompanied by beautifully shot images (as are most of the recipes in the book).

In addition to the many recipes (which are divided by cooking method Baking, Grilling, Poaching, Currying, etc.), Caribbean Seafood Extravaganza also is replete with cooking technique guides, tips and exhaustive explanations of how to purchase and prepare fish, local fish species, substitution guides, conversion tables and glossary. My main complaint is that the index is also grouped by cooking method, rather than being strictly alphabetical. This makes hunting for a recipe a little more time-consuming than it needs to be.

All in all though, if you want or need a one-stop guide to Caribbean seafood dishes, especially those that are familiar to those of Trinidadian background, this book is a great one-stop resource. Unfortunately it does not seem to be for sale outside of Trinidad and I’m not sure how readily available it is locally at the present time. I got my copy quite by chance at Sea Foods Enterprises (3 Patna St, St. James, 628-1417). To source it (both locally/internationally) your best bet may be to contact the SIDC directly [2].

Do leave a comment/contact me to let me know what worked/didn’t work so that other readers may be alerted in their own search 🙂

My Verdict: 4.5/5 (1/2 point deducted for frustrating index option)
Contact the SIDC [2] for purchase options

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