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Vishu’s pooja (Jamaica Gleaner)

Trinidad Parsad (recipe available in “7 Sweet Trini Treats [1]“)

Last month the Jamaica Gleaner had an interesting look at a pooja that was hosted there recently. Titled Vishu’s pooja [2] it gives readers a glimpse into what occurs at these religious yet festive occasions.

Although I wish they had paid a little more attention to the foods (I admit I’m a bit biased there) there was this little bit mentioned.

Excerpt: “In olden times, the food was served on banana leaves, but buckets were able substitutes. There was no meat or alcohol and after each set of guests finished dining, they would get up for the next set to have their meal.”

I’m sure that barfi [3], parsad [1], were shared by all. What other foods have you enjoyed at a pooja? 🙂

Read “Vishu’s pooja” in its entirety. [2]

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