Culinary Chat with Chef Cheryl-Ann Shortt-Charles Coming Thursday! + 7 Days Left on My Special Famalay Patreon Offer!

Chef Cheryl-Ann Shortt-Charles
See this woman right here? (No, not me! lol!). This “little” lady is Chef Cheryl-Ann Shortt-Charles and I consider her one of the unsung GIANTS of the local culinary scene. A multiple medal-winning pastry chef, I first got to know her during my winning stint on Cup of Joe’s “KISS Sandwich Showdown” competition. After each round she would chat with me and my opponent and deconstruct our dishes, giving helpful and supportive but unflinchingly honest reviews. She always had a practical tip and ‘hack’ that I could take back in an instant to my kitchen, and no matter what questions I had about my own ‘mistakes’ or her own dishes (which have NEVER disappointed me), she always had a straight answer. She never hid behind “secrets of the trade” or exhibited any sense of affront to the food trade ‘hierarchy’. As a ‘lowly blogger’ I always appreciated this treatment and consistent encouragement of my own curiosity.
For the past two years the public has been able to enjoy her offerings on a regular basis, both through her regular appearances on TV’s “Cup of Joe” as well as through her cooking at Aroma Café and Culinary Studio (the home of “Cup of Joe” studios). I knew that if I wanted to gather some home cook kitchen hacks for my ::MISSION series, she was the one to talk to. We recorded that segment today and I’m happy to report she didn’t disappoint!
As always, paid patrons will have access to the final video before the general public, most likely on Wednesday. Also! For the first time, I’ll also be giving paid patrons access to a full-length “director’s cut” of my chat with Chef Cheryl which will NOT be released publicly!! The videos will be posted on the blog however they will be first released to my social media channels Facebook & Instagram on Thursday! Make sure you’re following both 🙂 
Stay Tuned!
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