Dorie Greenspan’s Molasses Cake

Dorie Greenspan's Molasses Cake

Man oh man it feels so good to be back in the kitchen again! 

I haven’t baked in ages, definitely not for the year, so I thought that it would be fun to try my hand , last month, at a cake for my monthly “Potluck and A Movie” lime which I started a few months ago. A post crossed my way on my Instagram from rainydaybites about her #rainydaybitescookbookclub and when I saw that they would be cooking from Everyday Dorie by doriegreenspan (one of my favorite cookbook authors!) I just knew I had to take part.

Taking part in challenges was something I would do regularly when I first started TriniGourmet. I loved them for how they stretched my culinary abilities and repertoire, as well as for the sense of community that they fostered. Now that I’ve gotten back into them I think I’ll keep it up!

This recipe was for a Molasses Cake and it was a hit all around, even with those who don’t have much of a sweet tooth. It’s texture is almost fudgy and when combined with the white chocolate glaze it is elevated to the almost sublime. Such a simple recipe as well, I dare to say it’s practically foolproof!
For copyright reasons I can’t repost the recipe here but a google search may be able to pull it up, otherwise I highly recommend you pick up a copy for yourself !

Have I mentioned that Dorie is one of my fave cookbook authors? Here are some more recipes of hers from the archives!