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Les Bourgeois Gourmet Services, a full-service catering company recently joined forces with TrinidadWeddings.com to highlight their diverse menu offerings.


TASTE! –  an exclusive tasting event for engaged couples, event industry professionals and food bloggers allowed us to mingle and enjoy delicious tasting-portion selections, prepared with your wedding, corporate or social event in mind.

Simone Sant-Ghuran (founder: Trinidad Weddings) and Laurence Inniss (founder: Les Bourgeois Gourmet Services). 

Founded in 2012, Les Bourgeois prides itself on its creative culinary repertoire and painstaking attention to details. Throughout the event Laurence made sure to provide salient points that brides-to-be should keep in mind when choosing a wedding caterer. He also emphasized Les Bourgeois’ willingness to work with their clients to develop menus that reflect your preferences, while still being appealing to your guests.


The three courses, and 18 dishes served,  represented his influences, local favorites, as well as more than a few twists on standards.

Pickled Vegetables, Cheese Vols au Vent, Salmon Puff.  

My favorite on this plate, and one of my favorites of the night were the Pickled Vegetables pictured above! Steamed to perfection and lightly sweet and sour they were not acidic at all. Overall I found them quite intriguing and definitely more-ish.

Loved the Saheena Balls, Beef Meatballs and Yakitori Chicken. Laurence also made mention of a lamb and beef meatball that they provide. I would have loved to have given that a try!

Signature Salmon, Melongene Casserole, Sweet Potato Salad

I loved everything on this plate! Normally the salmon would have been an automatic first place as it was perfectly cooked, however the Melongene Casserole stole my heart. Homey and comforting, it was like a decadent meatless lasagna. I couldn’t get enough!

Barbachorie Lamb Bites

Several of those around me said that this dish reminded them of a pepper pot. I enjoyed the flavors however my personal preference for lamb is medium to medium-rare so the below and the salmon were still my faves entree-wise.

Y’all know my sweet tooth is take no prisoners, so once this course came out I was more than ready to take them on!

These baby cheesecakes were served in edible spoons! How adorable is that? I love notes of humor and whimsy in  food presentation. In fact, Simone of TrinidadWeddings told us during the proceedings that in choosing a caterer one should take note of their SPF factor. No, not sun protection, Service, Presentation & Food. Indeed after this evening I’ll say that Les Bourgeois has all three in spades.  Their staff has over 20 years of experience and they and Laurence were gems all evening. I have no doubt that they’ll turn that same spirit of professionalism and partnership towards your next event!

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p.s:! If you’re looking for an amazing wedding photographer, check out Chris of Walk on Water Weddings! His work (both photographic and video) blew me away that night.