Trinidad & Tobago Carnival: Part 9 – Road March


As Carnival Tuesday draws to a close one song, and one song alone will be crowned as the “Road March” winner. To win “Road March” one’s song needs to be one the played most often over the two day Carnival period, at the various judging points throughout both islands. In many ways the “Road March” is the People’s Choice as it is the tune that the crowds most respond to in terms of keeping their energy and stamina up.


Road March 2015 “Like Ah Boss” by Machel Montano


Road March 2014 “Ministry of Road (MOR)” by Machel Montano


Saltfish Accra
Portable snacks are the way to go, Saltfish Accra is easily popped into a paper bag and carried ‘on de road’. Feel free to pop in some pepper sauce or ketchup in a small plastic bag as well. These used to be easily bought on roadsides but I have seen them less and less in recent years.

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