Welcome to TriniGourmet.com, the site Sam Sifton of The New York Times called “an essential guide to Caribbean cooking at home”!

My name is Sarina Nicole and I am a true Caribbean girl (half Trinidadian, half Jamaican).

Cooking has been a passion of mine since the late 1990’s when I discovered the Food Network. I read cookbooks like people read the newspaper and love to entertain, throwing dinner parties for my nearest and dearest.

My motivations behind TriniGourmet are many, however the main impetus remains by  and large the same as when I started this site in 2006. Back then I felt that for too long the cuisine of the Caribbean, and especially that of my native Trinidad, had remained unexplored by the larger global market. This is something that I hope that this site has contributed to undoing. I am heartened by the response it has received over the past few years, the media citations and awards. In addition to The New York Times, I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have also been featured on The Travel Channel and NPR (among others). I’ve also appeared in Caribbean Beat Magazine as well as local print and television outlets.

Food, for me, is a conduit. A conduit for connection, joy, culture and wellbeing. Yes, recipes do matter, as do restaurant and product reviews. However at the core, what I most enjoy is sharing stories, sparking conversation and spreading joy around what food means to me .

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Veni Mangé!