Xaymaca Barbecued Tofu (Recipe)

Xaymaca Barbecued Tofu

This recipe, Xaymaca Barbecued Tofu, is from my 2nd favourite plant-based Caribbean Cookbook “Delicious Jamaica” and I made it on my Twitch stream last month.

What’s my fave? Caribbean Vegan from Taymer Mason! Dun know! But I digress.. ?

Although I don’t quite understand the use of “Barbecued” in the recipe’s title, I can’t argue that this is one ridiculously delicious way to serve (and enjoy) tofu. Tofu is one of those words that tends to quickly clear a room, and trust me. I fully understand. I have had more than a few atrocities in my day. However if I had to add a dish to my arsenal of recipes that potentially have the power to convert non-believers, this would definitely be one of them!

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