Catch me today on “Cup of Joe” for the “Kiss Sandwich Showdown”!

Kiss Sandwich Showdown on Cup of Joe
Kiss Sandwich Showdown only on Cup of Joe!

It’s another installment of the #KissSandwichShowdown on #CupofJoeTT !!
This #FoodieFriday, Jenna G, The Hijabi TT @afunlovingfoodie and Sarina Bland @trinigourmet face off with their #KissHealthyBalance12Grain #sandwiches.
Tune in for the fun, 10:00 am on #CCNTV6!! #sandwich #foodies #healthyeating #bread #trinidadandtobago

Hey guys! So, if you follow me on Instagram you would have seen that on Tuesday I was on the set of Trinidad’s popular “Cup of Joe” morning program, shooting the Kiss Sandwich Showdown! I had gotten the call only the Friday before to appear and had only been told that I needed to come up with a creative sandwich with a “healthy twist”. Talk about possibilities! LOL

Kiss Sandwich Showdown on Cup of Joe
Kiss Sandwich Showdown on Cup of Joe

I tried not to obsess over the weekend as I mulled over the various ideas that I had in my head. Finally I settled on one combination of “must-haves”, and after talking with one of my oldest friends (who was one of my first foodie inspirations) I made a few tweaks. Although I have made media appearances before this was my first time assembling anything “live to air”. Fortunately all the practice from those episodes of “Sweet Han'” came in handy as so far as having minimal nerves. Still, I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t feeling some pressure from within *bites nails*… So, how did I do? What did I prepare?

You’ll have to tune in today to find out hahaha! Or, wait until tomorrow for my followup post!



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