Sauté Trinbago 2010: Part 6 – Shurwayne Winchester (video)


Last to the stage was soca artiste Shurwayne Winchester. I was blown away by his set, which felt more like a mixtape on steroids. Seamless and flawless, he and his band (Y.O.U) combined elements of hiphop, his own soca hits (and those of others), and also wisely drew kaiso classics into the tapestry, creating a beautiful showcase of local music that also embraced the world beyond.

By this time my memory card was almost full, and I was cursing myself for not carrying along a third. Never had I anticipated though that there would have been so much to see! As I result, the below was all I have to share of his performance. However, if you talk to anyone who was there, I’m sure they’ll share my view 🙂

Completely in his element, Winchester was relaxed and confident. He had the crowd responding to his every command and clearly loved it. His live show has really evolved, as has his visual style. Kudos to the preppy attire!

As the last chords rang out, I knew my back and feet would kill me in the morning (Trinigourmet is getting old y’all!), but it was soo worth it. Not only Shurwayne’s set, but the whole Sauté Trinbago experience itself. Were there things I’d like to see handled differently next time around, of course. But more time for that in my roundup post. Until then, praise is given where it is deserved and praise is definitely deserved. Cloud Nine Promotions delivered an exceptional experience, that was safe, secure, clean, and just a joy from start to finish.

At this point, there was nothing left to do but go home, smiling all the way 🙂

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