Trinidad and Tobago Carnival: Part 4 – Fetes!

trinidadcarnival4-9405646If you are getting the sense that Carnival is one big long party you are right! So it only makes sense that one big long party would be made of many many big long parties as well. These parties in Trinidad are called fetes and are attended by hundreds sometimes thousands. Fetes feature the biggest soca artists of the season and can go on until daybreak. As the Carnival season draws near the number of fetes grows exponentially, and are not restricted to weekends either. It is not uncommon for people to attend a fete until well after midnight and then to go to their day job as usual.

Fetes are often held by schools and non-profits as fundraisers, by corporate sponsors and of course, by party promoters.

One of the best sources for fete listings, invitations and more is Trinidad Carnival Diary.


At a fete you will usually see people waving huge flags and other such colorful ‘accessories’. And of course no Trini worth their red, white and black would think of showing up at a fete without their own rag or ‘kerchief to wave and jump with 😆


Fetes sometimes have ‘rhythm sections’ that add to the frenzied sound and atmosphere. One of the most popular and well-known rhythm sections is the Laventille Rhythm section. They were part of the cultural contigency sent to Germany as part of our 2006 World Cup delegation. You can see and hear them in the below clip.




Doubles is the ultimate Trinidad street food – cheap, hearty, filling

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