SPECIAL OFFER! Cook Holiday Glam! (Ends Nov. 30)

Holiday Glam

Hey everyone! Are you ready to Cook Holiday Glam? I know I am! That’s why I’m so happy to announce that I’m running an E-Cookbook Special Offer on my Patreon page
just in time for the holiday season!
I took these books off the site in 2015 when my father fell ill, as I didn’t feel I could provide email support for them in a timely manner. I have never put them back up, until now.
From now until Nov. 30, all pledges at the $5 USD level and above will receive a link to download my two e-books “Holiday Glam: 30+ Festive Caribbean Recipes” and “Glam by Request: 30+ Caribbean Recipes”! These books sold for $6.95 USD each and download access to them is usually restricted to pledges at the $25+ level, so that’s quite a savings!
Please note that these are first editions so many external links are currently broken, however the recipes definitely aren’t! I’ll be working on a second edition next year, but until then I have decided to give you access during this window!
If you’re currently signed on to my $5 (Selecta) Tier or above you don’t have to do anything! You’re automatically enrolled!
If you are not currently a member, or are enrolled on my $1 (Firestarter) Tier, enroll at the $5 level or UPGRADE your pledge to the $5 Tier by Nov. 30 to receive this benefit, as well as all of the others that come with being a Selecta! 
Download Links will be emailed between Dec. 5th and Dec. 10th. after your payments are processed.
Here’s to a FESTIVE and FulFILLING Holiday Season! ???
Let’s get ready to Cook Holiday Glam!
Holiday Glam