Technical Difficulties!

Well well well, look how allyuh get me in trouble! 😆 I finished last weekend feeling on top of the world. I had attended Taste T&T, met Lilandra and Chennette, and had given TriniGourmet a spanking hot new redesign. Yes, life was good. Then, Monday afternoon, in the middle of writing my recap of Taste T&T I got an error when I tried to save my draft. A ‘suspended’ error. I was most bewildered. But, don’t worry my former webhost, let me know what was what. Apparently TriniGourmet was simply too popular for them to keep online so they had pulled it down, with no warnings or room for discussion. Charming! After 5 years of taking my money their only response was for me to find another host. So, I did 👿

It’s taking me a while to recustomize everything (thankfully I regularly back up my blog, and had performed a backup just before everything went down so nothing was lost!). Please bear with me if you run into any snags. Even better, let me know if you do so I can fix them ASAP. Hopefully everything will be completely back on track within another day or two and my recap of Taste T&T will finally be up. Until then check out Chennette’s review. I suppose in the end this is all a good sign though and in a perverse way it’s kind of flattering, so I’m trying to take these ‘growing pains’ in that spirit 😛