Snakebite (recipe)


It’s been a while since I whipped up a little poison for y’all, and what’s more poisonous than a snakebite? 😀 OK. I never heard about this concoction before this week and the only reason I even stumbled across it was because I wanted to take part in the Edible Reptile food challenge. But who cares? It tastes great! Especially ice cold! Simply mix one part lager beer and one part apple cider and you’re set. Couldn’t find any apple cider locally, so I substituted it with Cydrax, an originally British beverage that funnily enough has morphed into a uniquely Trinidadian entity.

From the BBC:
Pear-flavoured fizzy drink Peardrax, along with its apple-based counterpart Cydrax, is still made under licence in Trinidad, nearly 20 years after being taken off UK shelves because of falling sales.
Despite the fact that pears are not native to the region, Trinidadians and Tobagonians now see the drink as a defining part of the culture of their twin-island republic.
One website,, features a “True Trini Test” including a preference for Peardrax or Cydrax over Pepsi or Coca-Cola as a sign that “yuh know yuh is a real Trini”.
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Try these with yesterday’s Batter-Fried Zucchini or potato chips. Perfect!