The Joys of Breadfruit

Steamed breadfruit, smoked herring sauce, avocado

Mmmm breadfruit. It really borders on the obscene how much I love this thing… Every time one comes our way I make a promise that I will photograph it properly, as well as its preparation. Inevitably something always comes up that prevents me from getting those key initial photos.

Fortunately this time around I was able to get a few more shots before the fruit was completely eaten up 😀 This time around my mom steamed the breadfruit (a yellow heart jackfruit as she called it). We enjoyed it, as shown above, with a smoked herring sauce that my father prepared and slices of avocado… So simple but what a medley of flavours!

The next day I sliced some of the leftover wedges of breadfruit into fairly thick chunks and fried em 🙂 (shown below). Roasted breadfruit chips are sublime but truth be told I don’t think I could tell you what my favourite way to enjoy breadfruit is, they’re all so good. What are your faves? 🙂

From Wikipedia:
Breadfruit (Artocarpus altilis) is a tree and fruit native to the Malay Peninsula and western Pacific islands. It has also been widely planted in tropical regions elsewhere. It was collected and distributed by Lieutenant William Bligh as one of the botanical samples collected by HMS Bounty in the late 18th century, on a quest for a cheap high-energy food source for British slaves in the West Indies.

Steamed breadfruit(left), Fried Breadfruit chips (right)