Top 5 Curry Recipes on (September 2008)

I love curries of every shade and flavour, however like most Trinis my default curry is the deep ochre Madras-style curry that is integral to the appearance and taste of local curried dishes. Although some of the below dishes do not come from a traditional Trinidadian culinary context, Madras-styled curries are what I used. A fusion of sorts? 😉


1. Trinidad Doubles – recipe

Trinidad doubles is the ultimate local street food. It’s cheap. Usually hot/warm. Hearty. Filling.

You can view the recipe here.

2. Ultimate Curry Chicken – video

Few chicken recipes are as embedded into a Trinidadian’s culinary psyche as curry chicken. In the following video Chef DEX (not connected to TriniGourmet!) offers an entertaining and informative approach to his “Ultimate Curry Chicken” dish. Watch and become a pro as you follow his very spirited step-by-step guide to preparing this local specialty in your home!


3. Vegetable Curry In A Hurry – recipe

This has to be one of my favorite recent recipes. Its twist (for me) comes from the addition of mango chutney near the end. This really gives it a sweet n savoury kick that is hard for others to put their finger on.

You can view the recipe here.

Coconut Chicken Curry

4. Coconut Chicken Curry – recipe

I love recipes that come together in a flash with minimal prep and cleanup. This is one of those recipes and it was delicious! What is it with the combination of coconut milk and curry?

You can view the recipe here.

currypumpkinrice-1020038 5. Curried Pumpkin and Rice (recipe)

This dish came up as a whim on my part. I quite like it and think it makes an attractive side to a meat entr???e. It’s also great all by itself (as I sometimes have it) 🙂