Top 5 Desserts on


1. Upside Down Chocolate Pudding – recipe

This is a great recipe for anyone entertaining on short notice (or on a budget), as well as for those who consider themselves baking challenged. The recipe was a cinch to put together and seems to be practically foolproof in nature with results that are so decadent and beautiful that no one has to be any the wiser 🙂 The pudding had a thin biscuit crust that covered a cake like fluffy layer that gradually got denser as it reached the thick creamy fudge like frosting on the bottom 🙂 YUM

You can view the recipe here.


2.Trinidad Barfi

Barfi is one of those traditional Indo-Trinidadian sweets that one consumes when attending many a Hindu or Moslem celebration. You can view the recipe here.


3.Trinidad Goolab Jamoon

Goolab jamoon is a sweet finger food that is commonly served at Indian weddings, pujas and other celebrations here in Trinidad. It is made from a creamy fragrant dough that is deep fried and then drizzled with a reduced sugar syrup that quickly crystallizes on the doughy puffs providing both sweetness and sparkle.


4.Goolab Jamoon Pudding

What to do when you have leftover Goolab Jamoon? Make pudding! This recipe also works with stale doughnuts 🙂


5.Trinidad Black Cake

Black Cake in Trinidad is a Christmas tradition. It is also the traditional Groom’s cake at weddings.

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