TriniGourmet in the Sunday New York Times!

TriniGourmet in the Sunday New York Times!

It was one of those moments you always hope for, but can never predict or plan. A message on Twitter in early January letting me know that Sam Sifton, Dining editor of The New York Times was working on a piece about Caribbean Style Oxtail Stew and that I should probably drop him a line. The messenger? Sanura Weathers of .

After a brief bout of should I/shouldn’t I, I decided to ‘go brave’. My mantra this year is to think big and that was nothing short of an early test of my resolve! He responded in record time, and over several days an extremely pleasant dialogue developed. At this point I didn’t know what shape or form the article would take, when it would come out, or if any of my answers or information about this site would be included. It wasn’t until I was contacted by his assistant a couple weeks later to go over some parts of my responses that I realized that my odds of inclusion were extremely good! The fact that the article would be in the Sunday Magazine only made the icing that much sweeter!

Friday morning I woke to emails mentioning my appearance in the New York Times and asking me questions about oxtail stew or just thanking me for having this site! I had no idea until then that the Sunday magazine goes live online before it is in print. I was beyond thrilled and in more than a bit of shock icon_smile-3880166 It’s one thing to hope and to visualize. It’s quite another to have it in black and white looking back at you! The article, “A Winter’s Tail” can be found here.

Yesterday my best friend in Miami, collected the print edition which she shared shots of me via text message. That brought it to a whole other level!


I can’t wait to get it in my hands! Another special shoutout to Sanura for bringing the opportunity to my attention, and another shoutout to all my readers (old and new) – your support keeps this blog and my passion for it, going!