That Caribbean Drought!


The site recently published a piece on the current severe drought conditions which are affecting the Caribbean region. Here in Trinidad our reservoirs are at record lows. This combined with severe, chronic, bush fires has meant that food prices have continued to inflate. I keep waiting for the rains to come but am also reminded that it is not likely that this will happen before June. I shudder to think what will happen to our infrastructure and to the hills when that does happen. Recent years have brought record flooding, I suspect that this one will also be one for the books 🙁

In Trinidad, the Water and Sewerage Authority has reported that reservoir levels are dropping to an unprecedented level. The country is now running on just about one third of its water supplies and there are now real fears that the country`s water supply will run out before June as levels in dams and reservoirs, traditionally around eighty per cent at this time of year are closer to forty per cent with the last significant rainfall in May 2009.

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