Welcome to Trinigourmet.com! We’re an award-winning blog that helps food lovers around the world add a dash of Caribbean Glam to their tables. “Sweet Han’ Fuh So!”

Since 2006 we’ve used the power of the Internet to spread awareness of authentic Trinidadian and Caribbean dishes. In seeking to preserve and elevate visual depictions of our region’s culinary heritage we’ve enabled thousands throughout the Diaspora to recreate fond childhood memories. We’ve also introduced just as many (if not more) to a cuisine that still remains largely unpromoted and increasingly vulnerable to dilution and misrepresentation.

How It All Began:

In 2006 after a car accident made me unable to continue my work as a life and business coach, a chance online conversation with an old college friend brought into sharp focus the rich culinary heritage of my country.

As I spoke to my friend of swizzle sticks, browning, and doubles, her curiousity and amazement grew. I now realized I had a new mission. To spread the word of the dishes and approaches we here in Trinidad & Tobago, too often take for granted. Within 24 hours of that conversation I had registered this domain and with little more than a Naparima Cookbook and a willingness to document my successes (and struggles) in mastering the cuisine of my land, I got started.

Fast forward to today:

TriniGourmet is now the Internet’s site for Trinidadian and Caribbean cuisine. We have been featured in Caribbean Beat Magazine. Saveur Magazine has designated us a “Best of the Web/Sites we Love”, and Sam Sifton, Dining Editor of the New York Times described us as “an essential guide to Caribbean cooking at home.” For a complete list of our growing media mentions visit our Press Page.


I have published 3 ebooks and in February 2015 I also became the Assistant Editor of Cooking Sense Magazine.

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Veni Mangé!

Lifestyle Designer “Caribbean Glam
Founder: TriniGourmet.com

Meet The Rest Of The TriniGourmet Team!

Jason – Online Community Manager
As a true true Trini Man, Jason considers food (the consumption of, more than the actual making) to be a lifelong passion. He fosters online conversations on our Facebook and Twitter pages, helps to answer your emails and responds to the comment sections of the blog.


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