Add the TriniGourmet ‘Search Provider’ to your browser!

Hey everyone, I’ve added a little feature that will allow you to search at any time, regardless of which pages you have open in your browser. Simply follow the below steps.

1. If you are using Firefox you should see a glowing arrow in your search bar.

IE7 does not give off any visual notifications but the option to add the search provider is still there, by selecting the down arrow in the search bar (click here for more IE7 instructions).

2. Click on the blue arrow, you’ll see the option to add TriniGourmet at the bottom of the drop-down menu. Select it.

3. You’ll see that the TriniGourmet icon now appears in your search bar, and also appears in your list of installed search engines. You can now select it anytime you want to look something up on the site 🙂

4. Give it a try! Type in your request

5. The results will load in your window

Enjoy! 😀

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